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Tom Hanson (9/14/21)

Singer-songwriter Tom Hanson performs on the WATD Tiny Stage. Check out Tom's website at 

Rhode Island musician Lainey Dionne returns to talk about her debut full-length album "Self Titled". In this First-For-Almost-Famous show we go thorugh the entire album track-by-tr...

J.Kelley (8/31/21)

J.Kelley of the J.Kelley Band plays on the WATD Tiny Stage to promote the new album "A Third of Heaven". Follow the band through their facebook page -

Grace Morrison (8/24/21)

South Shore/Cape Cod Singer-songwriter Grace Morrison performs on the WATD Tiny Stage to promote her new album "Daughter". Learn more at 

The 2021 Nominees for the New England Music Awards have been released! Lindsay Van Kauwenberg of the NEMA Planning Committee co-hosts as we take a listen to some of this year's nom...

Bobby Kane (8/10/21)

Singer-songwriter Bobby Kane performs on the WATD Almost Famous Tiny Stage to talk about the new projects he's working on in 2021. Learn more at 

Kimon Kirk (8/3/21)

Singer-songwriter Kimon Kirk stops by the WATD Tiny Stage to talk about his history in the Boston music community and his most recent album "Altitude". Learn more at www.KimonKirk....

Mary McAvoy (7/27/21)

South Shore/Providence singer-songwriter Mary McAvoy performs on the WATD Tiny Stage to talk about her most recent single and upcoming 2021 projects. Learn more at http://marymcavo...

Gold Hoax (7/20/21)

Nico Rivers and Emily Graham-Handley of Gold Hoax perform on the WATD Tiny Stage and talk about their upcoming EP. Learn more at 

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