Almost Halloween 2022: Wyn Doran – Spell, Jay Psaros – Zombies, Ruby Rose Fox - Die Pretty, Annabel Lee - Daggers On The Table, Hope and Things - Howl At The Moon, Lainey Dionne – Vampire, Mary McAvoy - Blood Supply, Ballroom Thieves - Bury Me Smiling, Briana White – Ghost, Sleeping Lion – Casper, Vera City – Wicked, Freezepop - The Ghost Rejoins the Living, Tammy Laforest - Into The Water, LVCRFT/Sarah Barrios - Skeleton Sam, Ashley Jordan - Angels & Demons, Abbie Barrett - Blood & Bone, Caravan of Thieves - Raise the Dead, Elovaters - Shaking Off The Wolves, Jenna Lotti – Ghosts, Molly Brule - Ghost of You, Christa Gniadek - Ghosts in Every City, Grace Morrison -The Beast, Running Mates - Black Moon, Liz Longley - You Haunt Me, Fil Pacino - Death By Lions, Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - It's Only Halloween

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