Archive for July 2021

Mary McAvoy (7/27/21)

South Shore/Providence singer-songwriter Mary McAvoy performs on the WATD Tiny Stage to talk about her most recent single and upcoming 2021 projects. Learn more at http://marymcavo...

Gold Hoax (7/20/21)

Nico Rivers and Emily Graham-Handley of Gold Hoax perform on the WATD Tiny Stage and talk about their upcoming EP. Learn more at 

Sarah Martin (7/13/21)

South Shore country singer-songwriter Sarah Martin performs on the Tiny Stage and talks about her 2018 album Muddy Boots and a new single "Those Days". Learn more at www.SarahMarti...

Gracie Grance and All The Good Boys perform an acoustic set on the WATD Tiny Stage. Learn more at 

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